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First Linguistic Company Limited
First Linguistic Company Limited
UNIT 04-05, 16/F THE BROADWAY NO 54-62
Transforming Global Communication:
Premier Document Translation Solutions

Welcome to First Linguistic Company, your premier destination for professional translation services. Established by a team of seasoned translators, all graduates from prestigious linguistic universities, our journey in the translation industry began in 2009.

With a profound understanding of both the intricacies of language and the demands of business, we've continually elevated the standards of our services.

In 2015, our visionary CEO, Dmitry Bakhvalov, augmented our expertise by completing an Executive MBA program at Leon Kozminski University in Poland. This milestone broadened our horizons, enabling us to explore and serve the global market with unparalleled proficiency.

A testament to our commitment to excellence came in 2019 when we achieved ISO 17100:2015 certification for translation services. This prestigious accreditation validates our adherence to the highest industry standards, ensuring impeccable quality in every project we undertake.

Number ONE
Presently, we specialize in providing translation solutions for both personal and corporate documents across Spain, Estonia, and Poland. Our subsidiary, LOS JURADOS, has emerged as a frontrunner in Spain's translation landscape, lauded for its exceptional service quality and backed by a stellar reputation, as evidenced by over 1100 glowing reviews on Google Maps.

Digital and physical
Embracing the digital age, we conduct our sales operations both remotely and through our physical offices strategically located in Barcelona (Spain) and Tallinn (Estonia). As part of our continuous evolution, we are pioneering advancements in automated translation control processes and translation memory technologies. Additionally, we are actively developing cutting-edge programs for optical document recognition, further enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of our services.

At First Linguistic Company, we are not merely translating words; we are bridging cultures, facilitating communication, and fostering global connections. Join us on our journey as we redefine the standards of linguistic excellence, one translation at a time.